Shown are a few pics of PBFD A Shift trying out a firefighter removal technique found on the Internet. First you should unbuckle the victims waist strap and turning it into a harness. Second you unbuckle your waist straps and then you place them behind the shoulder straps like shown above. Now you have control of the fireman making it easier to drag them to safety. It also gives you good leverage while negotiating stairs.
Done correctly the down fireman will still be able to drink his coffee without spilling.
Their were definitely some pros and cons to this method along with some variations. Just another tool for ya. Hopefully no one will ever have to use it.


rizzo said...

Um Q a few things i see here one steve is smiling way to much for one another thing is why is PBFD advertising for MRAA? and why is the Captain doing all the hard work? and if youre taking the pics whos manning the "watch desk"? hehe :)

Erhart said...

hmm...cup of coffee in one hand, stupid grin on his face...sounds like Steve, haha.