pictures courtesy; firehouse.com


This one is my favorite. Ladder 25

Here is a few pics that I have of FDNY.
To our Brothers who made the ulitmate sacrafice...Rest In Piece

MVA - EGPFD 8/26/06

I was on my way to breakfast with my fiance and I just happened to look in my rearview mirror at the right time to see this accident happened. I turned the car around to find the above. There were 3 pts total. You are unable to tell do to the pic quality but the black vehicle sustained heavy front end damage. Unfortunately I did not have my camera on me but we did have a camera phone with us. I am a little upset that I did not have my Nikon because this would have been a great photo op.

FATAL MVA - PBFD 8/25/06

On Aug. 25 Poquonnock Bridge FD responded to a 2 car head on, located at Buddington Rd @ Old Buddington Rd. It took approx 40 minutes to extricate the pt. In the process of the rescue, an "O" cutter had broken a blade. Groton City FD was called in for their tool. During the use of their "O" cutter, it was broken as well. Despite efforts by PBFD, GCFD, GVAA and L & M Medics, the pt was pronounced at the hospital. According to the THE DAY paper the victim lived only 4 driveways away.

Chief ED

I wanted to add this picture with the other pictures from the Chief Keogh event. Chief ED looks good in a Riders of Fire Motorcycle Club vest.


The Gales Ferry Fire Co. were dispatched to a 3 car mva with one of the vehicles reported to be in split in half. On arrival units found 2 vehicles with minor damage and BLS injuries.

MVA - PBFD 8/21/06

PBFD units were dispatched at a 2 car mva reported no injuries with a fluid spill. On arrival Engine 33 found the above. Confirmed no injuries and there were no fluids on the ground, if you can believe that! The vehicle in the front was resting just shy of it fuel tank. The wrecker was able to lift the vehicle and roll the white vehicle out. This was a great start to the morning. Didn't even have half of my coffee down yet. Lets see what the rest of the day will bring.


I took these pics with my small digital. It doesnt' adjust well to the dark. At least that is my excuse. Groton City FD responded to a boat fire at Pine Island Marina with burn victims. A first Alarm was struck. Poquonnock Bridge, Center Groton, Subase, Gales Ferry, Groton Ambulance, L & M Medics, Dep, Groton City PD, and I am sure many more units were also there.

CAR VS BLDG - PBFD 8-17-06

PBFD along with the SBFD responded to Golden Gate Pizza on Rt 12 for a reported car into the building. On arrival found one car into building. Minor damage to the building with major damage to the vehicle. There was 3 or 4 persons in the vehicle. NO injuries reported.